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    Nokia signed embedded sis file without backup_registration.xml

    We try get application signed for Nokia TPO with an embedded Nokia sis file (XmlDataBinding.sis). As this Nokia tool does not include backup_registration.xml definition it won't get backed up and restored. This will result that our application cannot access to that component after restore and therefore will not work.

    Can you recommend any workaround for the problem? The xmldatabinding.dll uses all other capabilities but TCP so it would be complex to ask all this capabilities for us, for the library that we have not completely tested.

    Can Nokia update the library to backup-restore enabled, and how soon it can happen? The update is very small work, but are there other policies/restrictions not to do it.

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    Re: Nokia signed embedded sis file without backup_registration.xml

    hi jufo, sorry for you problems.

    I'm going to ask the owner of that component to update it as soon as possible but I cannot give you an estimate on how soon this is going to happen.

    You can, as a workaround, copy the sis file to the device and trigger its re-install once you detect that the file is missing. Since the sis file would be one of your data files it will be backed-up/restored together with your application.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Nokia signed embedded sis file without backup_registration.xml

    yes, as said, as a work around, you can include the sis as a file to your private directory, and call for silent installation when the application is launched and you don't find this installed.
    Amit Kankani
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