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    RE: +CMT: Response on Nokia 8210

    Alphabetic address was not supported yet in that phone model. Newer phone models should allready support alphanumeric addresses.
    M, Forum Nokia

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    +CMT: Response on Nokia 8210

    If I send a message to my 8210 from an internet gateway with an Originator set to an alphabetic string (such as SignReply), the CMT response shows the originator field corrupted. For example, SignReply gives:
    +CMT: "3=4444444",,"02/04/26,16:22:08+08"
    If I use an all numeric Originator string, it does appear correctly as the first quoted string in the +CMT response.
    It is possible that the problem is at the gateway but I wanted to check if this is a known problem with the 8210.
    John Atkins.

    Posted by John Atkins, johnnf@softwareunlimited.co.uk
    on April 26, 2002 at 18:14

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