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    How to send SMS and make Bluetooth connection without permission from user?

    Dear all ,

    I need to make j2me application that automatically (using push registry) send SMS and make Bluetooth Connection without taking permissions from user ?

    Actually i know how to do this application but , program need permission from user , how to solve this problem?

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    Re: How to send SMS and make Bluetooth connection without permission from user?

    Hi Nabil,

    totally removing that popup is possible only signing your application with a certificate from a Trusted 3rd Party Authority. Some of the most used options are:

    * Verisign
    * Thawte
    * Java Verified

    If you want to have more details about signing, you can take a look here:

    * http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...curity_Domains: for specific infos about security domains allowed on Nokia phones (but same page contains links to other manufacturers' pages), for both signed and unsigned applications.

    * http://developers.sun.com/mobility/w.../wtk-sign.html: a tutorial about signing using WTK

    Other IDEs (like NetBeans and Eclipse) usually have an integrated support for signing, so the whole process is much easier.

    Also note that, even if you sign your application, final users will always need to manually set appropriate settings to allow your application to work without prompting for permissions. More details here:

    * For S60 phones: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._on_S60_phones

    * For S40 phones: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ries_40_phones


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    Re: How to send SMS and make Bluetooth connection without permission from user?


    my experience about it is, if you need permissions, you can fake in some way the permissions with a certificate by verisign (I recommend it, I mean, its not a big deal, but if you see the way of working of thawte and other companies....you would choose verisign) or thawte, but the certificate is not going to delete the interaction with the final user because some times ( see SMS ) the user will have to change the permissions in a manual way so, the one thing you can change with the certificate is the user can set the permissions always allowed, in the most of the cases ( not all the cases, see SMS permissions in nokia ), and its not possible to do when your application is not signed, so my advice is, if you want to sign your application, it´s ok but dont think about an application with no interaction with the user about permissions.

    Kind regards

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