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    Global variable init error

    I have make one dll and with two global variable.

    VideoBootStrap EPOC_bootstrap = {
    "epoc\0\0\0", "EPOC system",
    EPOC_Available, EPOC_CreateDevice

    /* Available video drivers */
    static VideoBootStrap *bootstrap[] = {

    bootstrap show 2 values but bootstrap[0]'s all memeber are 0xffffffff.

    After that, I make it one static link library, then everything become okay.
    What's wrong in dll?


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    Re: Global variable init error

    Looks like the common writeable static data in DLL problem.

    To me the code hints that you don't need to change your struct/array after initialization so this can probably be fixed by making both of them const.


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    Re: Global variable init error

    Caused by TRK, after upgrade TRK, all goes okay.

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