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    New SDK feedback and issues

    Hello all,

    I decided to open a new thread where we could give some feedback on the new SDK 3_0_3.

    The main issue I am having is that you can not upload widgets directly from the SDK, like you used to, instead, you need to create a zip file and upload it through the site each time you want to try it on the phone. Very time consuming for developers!!!

    The second thing that is actually related to this is that the dashboard on the SDK is not the same as one on the phone that you are developing on. This makes things confusing as you are still sort of having two accounts.

    The third problem I am experiencing is that the graphics of the SDK dashboard are sometimes of a wrong size. It's more of a visual thing than functional.

    Finally, I am having problems with the getUsername() in the SDK. It dose not return my user-name like it used to. The function works fine on the phone client.

    This update seams like a huge change. Hope you manage to get all of the problems fixed soon.


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    Lightbulb Re: New SDK feedback and issues

    Hi Klen,

    I have experienced some of those problems, too. The problem is that the new devkit either cannot import and modify older (e.g. 2.0) SDK config or does it the wrong way.
    Try this: if you use Windows, go to your user profile directory (something like C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>, usually stored in %USERPROFILE%). There should be a subdirectory called .widsets. Stop emulator and delete all files and subdirectories in there. Now just do 'devkit login ...' again and you'll be able to upload and compile stuff as you are used to.

    Not sure about those other problems, though. getUsername() works for me, but I have noticed some resizing problems, too. Sometimes banners are somehow mangled and the like.



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    Re: New SDK feedback and issues

    All of my problems were solved by the suggested solution. The getUsername() is now working in the SDK and the uploading also started to work. Finally I also have the same dashboard on both mobile and SDK. The SDK now works perfectly fine.

    Thx Jerry! This will save me allot of my time.

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