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    Angry [moved] ntohl, ntohs linking problem

    I'm using ntohl, ntohs functions in my project. But I can't build it becouse I have linker errors:
    error LNK2001: CBDERR -- unresolved external symbol _ntohl

    libc.lib is included in project linked libs. But it still unresolved. Please help, becouse I've searched everywere and can't resolve it. What is missing?

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    Re: ntohl ntohs linking problem

    If it is an OpenC-related question, ask it in the proper forum (few clicks back on the top). Standard Symbian SDK-s do not contain libc.lib at all.

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    Re: [moved] ntohl, ntohs linking problem

    Have you #included arpa/inet.h properly?

    It should #define ntohl and ntohs to other names that then get linked against:
    #ifdef __SYMBIAN32__
    #define ntohl htonl
    #define ntohs htons

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    Re: [moved] ntohl, ntohs linking problem

    Thank you very much!!! It's linked!

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