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    Ringing tone message user data

    Could I know the details about Ringing tone message user data (length 36 octets --> hex 24)
    in Nokia Smart Messaging FAQ, table 5. (06 05 04 15 81 00 00) What is the means length
    36 octets --> hex 24, IEI, IEDL, Information Element Data (include Destination port, and
    originator port) ? Thanks advance.

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    RE: Ringing tone message user data

    Table 5 describes the user data header at the beginning of user
    data part of short message. Basicly the use of it is to tell the
    phone that the data following the user data header contains
    ringing tone and will be handled correctly in the phone. This is
    told to the phone by specific destination port.
    Total length of user data is 36 octets including both the user data
    header(Table 5) and the following ringing tone data (Table 6).
    I hope this helps you onwards,
    M, Forum Nokia

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