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    http url size on 7650

    I am currently writing an application which is supposed to talk to a server via a http connection and receive data from the server for processing.

    The problem i am having is that if the url is above a certain length the application refuses to make the connection. I beleive the max length is about 120 - 130 characters.

    does anyone have a possible solution that would allow me to get around this problem?

    thx for the help.

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    RE: http url size on 7650


    That is tru that there is limit of lenght using http get method, but
    http post enables to send more data to the server.

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    RE: http url size on 7650


    The length of the URL depends on the 7650's sw version. At least in the latest sw version (4.39) the maximum URL length should be 256 characters, but I have not tested it. In the older sw versions (3.12 & 3.16) the limit is about that 100 characters as you have noticed. I assume you have used that older software version.

    Would it be possible to redesign your server side or pack the URL somehow?

    One possible solution is to use HTTP POST instead of HTTP GET. However HTTP POST has its own problems with software versions 3.12 and 3.16. See for example resolution: 15318 from the Forum Nokia knowledge base.

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    JP / Forum Nokia

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