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    communication via serial port

    I want to develop an application that can be used to communicate with my nokia 6310 (which is connected to the rs-232, serial port of my laptop). I want to send a sms from my laptop. Does anyone have any expierience with this?? What kind of api's are there to use?? I found the Java Communication API (esp. javax.comm). Does anyone have codesamples of communication with a serial port? I actually don't know if this is the right forum to post my question, sorry!?

    Thanks in advance Baumi

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    RE: communication via serial port


    From Forum Nokia web site, you can find more information about
    PC Connectity SDK related to sending SMS from laptop using mobile.

    From Java MIDP application you can send SMS messages using
    Nokia SMS API which is only in 3410, using 3650 you can send SMS messages by Wireless Messaging API. But from MIDlet you can not be connected to the laptop because serial port connection in not supported.

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