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    Announcing the Winners of the WidSets widgets coding contest

    Summary of the results for the 2008 WidSets Developer Rewards Period

    WidSets Developer Community had launched the rewards period on 10th April, and it was on until the end of last month, June 30th. The main purpose and goal for this period was to further encourage a rapidly increasing audience of professional mobile application developers, students and hobbyist coders showing an increasing interest on the WidSets service.

    The results for this period were incredibly promising with tens and tens of Beta widgets published, and majority of them top-notch applications. We were extremely happy to see so many astonishing widgets created during this quite short period of time. About the documentation, examples and the WidSets SDK we had to offer, these good results were also a clear signal: WidSets tools and support were able to help developers to unleash the power of the WidSets service.

    All developer feedback received will be carefully examined and it continously helps WidSets to further enhance it's developer tools and documentation, targetting for the highest possible level of quality in it's developer offering.

    The Winners of the WidSets widgets coding contest

    First of all, a BIG Thank You for all who participated on the coding contest by publishing a widget in the WidSets widget library, Beta section. All widgets there, if they won or not in the competition, are available to be picked by anyone of the millions of WidSets users. This provides a remarkable way for any interested developer to get attention and be successful by creating innovative and user-friendly mobile widgets for end users to enjoy and share.

    The original competition announcement with categories descriptions and competition & evaluation rules can be accessed here: http://="http://dev.widsets.com/foru...1/1449980/1/"].

    Awards in each of the competition categories



    Alexander Sidorenko,
    Saint-Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation (SUAI ), Russia

    Witris is a smooth, good looking and a very playable game widget, which makes good use of the WidSets UI component library and implements one of the most popular casual game concepts ever. This game has many levels of difficulty and should be easily adapted for anyone of all age groups, offering truly enjoyable gaming moments.



    Jaroslaw Groman,
    Czech Republic

    Zstory is a platform for bringing back the "good old" times of text based adventures and interactive storytelling in form of a modern mobile widget. You now can revisit your experiences and excitements playing either an adventure or the part of the "patient" talking to Eliza, your psychiatrist...



    Akaki Meladze and George Shamugia
    United Kingdom

    Cocktails implements a comprehensive concept around the art of making drinks. User can explore the database of cocktails, all with a detailed description, picture and instructions. The automatic cocktail suggestion provides help of decision for almost any occasion. As an admirable addition, there is a instructive section about drinking responsibly.



    Will Bamford
    Lancaster University,
    United Kingdom

    m3Dcam presents a full-blown concept of combining an existing web site service and a WidSets utility widget to go. This innovative and exiting tool takes the user into the exciting world of producing and viewing 3D images (You'll need a pair of red-cyan anaglyph glasses to view the 3D photos). The widget implements making of the 3D image pair using the phone's built-in camera, then uploads the generated 3D image to the web site and brings it available for anyone who wants to view it. In all, very nice user experience bundled with an easy-to-get-started, reliable, straight-forward process.



    Gergely Radnoczi

    Swimle implements a very interesting, photo-based social networking system. The widget itself is easy to use and has a very nice look & feel. Within this concept, user can make friends by taking a photo of them. The uploaded photo provides a visual friendship, connecting the persons visible in it. The process works so, that the uploader makes relation requests, which the individuals in the photo can either accept or reject. The widget comes with good instructions, even a change log information has been added. This widget represents is a promising new way of creating social relationships and contacts, and it basically waits for new users to find it. Hopefully the success and given visibility here on the contests boosts this good implementation further.

    All of the competition winners have been informed by email.

    Amongst contest widgets also those widgets were, who had already won in the Vodafone Betavine WidSets Challenge 2008 and won, so we decided to give more possibilities for other contestants, so we did not count them in when selecting winners for this competition. This means these specific widgets "4-in-a-row", "WBurst", "3D bombus". In case you have not already seen these cool widgets in action, you can pick them from the WidSets widget library and read about the WidSets Challenge results here: http://www.betavine.net/bvportal/web...idset_winner08

    Again, Congratulations to all winners and a very good summer time for everybody!
    I would also like to wish Happy 4th of July to everybody in the US of A!

    -On Behalf of the whole WidSets team-
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