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    Handling events on wait dialogue

    I'm using CAknWaitDialog for a wait dialogue display. But during the display of dialogue , control is still in background so that all the pointer evets and key events are passed to the backgroung. Hoe can i avoid this? pls help


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    Re: Handling events on wait dialogue

    you first must use observer class MProgressDialogCallback
    class CYouClass : public MProgressDialogCallback

    and use function :
    void CYouClass::DialogDismissedL(TInt aButtonId)
    iWaitDialog = NULL;

    if (aButtonId == EAknSoftkeyCancel)
    // cancel any process in here

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    Re: Handling events on wait dialogue

    Actually that would not help. As far as I see the point of having the wait dialog, is to make it to capture all keys etc. Except of back/cancel one.

    Anyway, you could maybe just make your own container based "Wait Dialog", which you could make behaving differently.

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