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    let the user select address from the address book


    Using the PIM api, is there a way to open the phone's native address book, let the user select a contact, and access that contacts data. I mean, is there a way to launch the address book from a MIDlet (in the case of Blackberry there is a choose() method), and get the result, or you have to write your own UI code to present the contact information to the user? If you have to write your own code, are there any examples for it?


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    Re: let the user select address from the address book

    Hi szleventee,

    as you have guessed, in your case (you need to retrieve contact address) you need to write your own code for displaying contacts' info to the user.

    There's only one case (afaik) where you do not need to do it, and it is when the data you need is a contact phone number: in this case you could use a TextField with PHONENUMBER contraints, and (depending on device implementation) users will be automatically allowed to choose a phone number from phone contacts (without the need to write any code).

    Anyway, about the UI itself you could use a simple List, so the related code would be no complex at all. About accessing contacts infos, you can take a look at this useful article:



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    Re: let the user select address from the address book

    I think the PHONENUMBER type TextField be a good solution! You write that it's based on the device's implementation. Do you know approximately what percentage of handsets support this? (not only Nokia, every MIDP 2.0)

    Thanks for the help!

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