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Thread: 6610 Logo Bug

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    6610 Logo Bug

    Is there a bug in the 6610 operator logos?

    We run a service that sends Operator Logos on request by text message. We have 4 test logos, that work fine when requested from any UK network on most Nokia phones. However one of the 4 logos fails on our new 6610. It says "Operator Logo Received", but instead of showing the image, it shows a small icon of a musical note. The exact same image shows fine on my 3110. All other images show fine on the 6610.

    To run a test, in the UK, text LOGO DEMO2 to 84880. This is the one that fails on the 6610 but not the 3110.

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    RE: 6610 Logo Bug


    There might be something wrong in the logo that are not being displayed in Nokia 6610. There are some different implementations in different Nokia phones and one may not care if there are some faulty bits ing logo where as some phone may not be able to show it. I would like to suggest to see the "faulty" logo bit by bit against the Smart Messaging specification v. 3.0 to se if it's a valid one.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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