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    Lightbulb SCons for Symbian - So long .MMP

    I have been working with SCons build toolchain to get rid of .mmp files and bring more advanced building system for Symbian development.

    Check it out from: http://code.google.com/p/scons-for-symbian/

    This is still a work-in-progress so things may still change.

    Example MMP replacement:

    #!/usr/env/bin python
    #File: SConstruct
    import os
    import glob
    from scons_symbian import *
    def IPCPyd():
        "Build IPC module"
        # Use all .cpp files in the current directory.
        sources  = glob.glob( "*.cpp" )
        inc      = [ r"\epoc32\include\libc",
        libs = ["python222", "euser"]
        return SymbianProgram( '_ipc', TARGETTYPE_PYD,
                                sources, inc, libs,
                                capabilities = FREE_CAPS,
                                defines      = COMMON_DEFINES )
    Feedback appreciated. Especially from SCons gurus.

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    Re: SCons for Symbian - So long .MMP

    Nice one, looks like i am going to use regularly. my MMPs too long .

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