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    Flash Lite 2 Sounds

    I program games for phones. Mp3 sounds doesnt work on lot of phones yet. Wonder if there is any other way to add for example background music to a game that works on all phones.
    Regards Micke

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    Re: Flash Lite 2 Sounds

    Hello there.. Most phones that have FL2 usually can read MP3 format.. so, carry on.. However, I once did it and found very poor output.. I had overlapping sounds and delays and experienced all sorts of probs..
    If not other phones, most devices of Nokia do support.. There is a tag in FL2 in System class if i remember correctly.. u can use it to check the presence of mp3 support on the handset..

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    Re: Flash Lite 2 Sounds

    You can use the midi sound format. This format works uniformly across most devices. Infact other technologies like J2ME also use midi sound files.

    This format is light weight, so you can use more sounds in your game. The only drawback is that it is not easy to find ready midi bg sounds/SFX on the web.
    Mariam Dholkawala

    Blog - http://www.mariamdholkawala.com/mobile
    MaD UG - http://www.indimadgroup.com

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