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    Testing games in Device Central

    Hi. I m testing my Flash Lite 2 games in Device Central. The games usually takes about 80 percent of the memory. Is that to much for a real phone? Regards Micke

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    Re: Testing games in Device Central

    Hi Micke,

    Really it depends on how your game is constructed, if every asset is loaded and you are at 80% and don't create new movieclips or load more images then this should be ok.

    It sounds like you need to do some on device testing however to be confident. While Device Central will give you some idea of the expected behaviour it is still necessary to test on device.
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    Re: Testing games in Device Central


    If you do not have a real device to test on, you can use Nokia RDA service. Where you can find many real devices with different versions of Flash Lite to test on.


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