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    Problems when commanding 'bldmake bldfiles'

    I'm in group directory of my application file hierarchy (created by AppWizard). When I command 'bldmake bldfiles' I get the following error:

    Can't locate Getopt/Long.pm in @INC at D:\Symbian\6.1\Shared\epoc32\tools/bldmake.pl line 28
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at D:\Symbian\6.1\Shared\epoc32\tools/bldmake.pl line 28

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    RE: Problems when commanding 'bldmake bldfiles'

    In my installation long.pm is found in my perl installation directory, C:\perl\lib\getopt\long.pm

    I suspect that perl is not setup correctly, or is the wrong version.

    Typing perl - v reports 5.005_03 for me. Does Perl work for you ?

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