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    changing the colour of text


    I have an issue with the editor in the camera application. When I capture an image or a video and try to rename it, the characters that I enter in the editor are not getting displayed although the cursor moves accordingly. However, once I save the name, the very same name that I typed gets displayed at the top of the image or the video. I am guessing that it is because the colour of the entered text is of the same colour as the background(white). Can anyone tell me how to change the colour of the entered text? I am not sure if the function is SetPenColor or SetTextColor. It would be helpful if I could get any suggestions at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: changing the colour of text

    can i sea the code, which you wrote for getting the text from the editor.


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    Re: changing the colour of text

    Have you SetFocus-ed your editor?

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