Hi all,

I am trying to display some custom characters in SVG (some Spanish characters like Á) what I wanted to do was to define these glyphs as a custom font then and have all the other standard a-Z characters picked up by the default font, but as soon as I do this:

<font horiz-adv-x="1000">
<font-face font-family="spanish" units-per-em="1000" underline-position="-100" underline-thickness="50"/>
<missing-glyph horiz-adv-x="175" />
<glyph unicode="&_#0193;" horiz-adv-x="612" d="M424,212l72,-212l93,0l-230,674l-105,0l-229,-674l90,0l70,212M203,280l66,195C282,516 293,558 302,597l3,0C315,558 325,518 339,474l67,-194M354,828l-94,-118l71,0l128,118z"/>

... other special chars here...


<g font-family="spanish" font-size="20">
<text x="10" y="100">some &_#0193; line</text>

Now what I want to see is "some Á line", which is obviously what I get on the Sun emulator, but on a Nokia5300 I have the following problems:

1) unicode id has to be one character, so something like unicode="^", else I get a NPE.

2) when this is done I get " Á "

3) if I remove the <missing-glyph> tag the whole phone crashes and resets

So can this be done anyone else tried to do this?? (This is a standard test case from W3C...)