I've been crawling around for the forums about installing a SIS with an EXE marked with FR and RI flags. I have a developer certificate and the file installs OK without the FR, RI-flags. Also I've modified the EXE that is supposed to run so it just returns 0 on E32Main(), so it should not panic or leave.

I've double, triple and quadruple-checked the UID:s in the MMP-file that generates the exe and have granted the ProtServ-capability to it (I did not really know if this is necessary or not). The UID is from the protected area and aquired from symbian signed (0x2001yyyy). The installation package file type is SISAPP and contains three files. Two exes and one dll. The file to be run on install is on the last line of the PKG-file.

The http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._to_install.22
says that the reasons for the error message could also be EPOCHEAPSIZE or the file already residing on ROM. These are not the cases for me, either.

Hope someone has some ideas, this really has been very a frustrating experience.

Thank you very much in advance,