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    Certificate (Signing?) Questions

    I'd like to sign a MIDlet, but aftyer having browsed this forum, the wiki and the Verisign site I am as confused as possible
    Is there any place where (website, forum, wiki, pub whatever) there is some kind of "certificate signing for dummies" crash-course ?

    In my specific situation i'd also like to know if a certificate is only usable once and for only one version of an application. We want to start a pilot somewhere in the near future but this version of the software will change according to the input of the users, so if we can only sign one version of the software it would be a very very costy entrepreneurship...
    Any info/tips/tricks about this ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Certificate (Signing?) Questions

    Hi Tiger79,

    the simpler/cheaper signing option is to buy a certificate from a Trusted 3rd party Authority (e.g.: Verisign, Thawte). Such certificates have a time lifespan (usually 1 year is the minimum time), and (afaik) during that you can use it for all the applications/versions you want.

    Another option is to go through Java Verified program, and this usually this involves (for a detailed description of the whole process you can look here):

    * uploading your app to JavaVerified website
    * hope that all the automatic checks on your app go well
    * pretesting your app (this also done automatically by JavaVerified)
    * choosing an external testing company, from the ones listed on Java Verified website
    * let them test your app on the target devices you've chosen
    * signing: once your app passes all the previous steps, it's finally signed!

    Possible drawbacks of JavaVerified program (but I've never directly tested it, so I could be wrong here):

    * you must pay separately for each single application, version or device
    * if some of the testing steps fail, you must pay again for the whole process
    * the whole process, as described, seem to be quite longer than the buy-your-own-certificate option

    Concluding, my personal opinion is that, if you're not a big software house, the only suitable option would be to buy your own certificate and sign all your apps by your own.


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    Re: Certificate (Signing?) Questions

    thx jappit !

    I already was more prominent to the idea of buying a certificate instead of entereing the java certified programme, exactly for the reason u are mentioning : multiple versions means multiple investments (time/cash)...

    well I guess i'll have to inform myself somewhat better regarding Verisign especially if ui can sign multiple versions with the same key...
    Anyone who has experience with this is welcome in sharing their own experience/knowledge

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    Re: Certificate (Signing?) Questions

    Probably the Wiki section for Java ME signing requires some work :-)

    The Java Security Domains article is too theoretic and more down-to-earth approach is needed.
    I found a couple of articles in there
    but I thought a totally new page is needed to really answer the basic questions, hereby, "announcing" http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ng_for_dummies

    Please add the stuff I forgot and edit the text to be more readable.


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    Re: Certificate (Signing?) Questions

    great new wiki page Hartti :P
    reads pretty good, and its also very informative !!!

    maybe some of the text about signing in ur very own FAQ :
    could be a naice addition to the newly created page

    thx though for the feedback all !

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