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    Question LG KS10 doesn't support CTelephony::DialNewCall() function

    Somehow, the Phone LG KS10 can not make a new call since it doesn't support: iTelephony->DialNewCall() function.

    souce code:
    void CCallHandler3rdImpl::CallL(const TDesC& aPhoneNumber)

    iInternalOutgoingCall = ETrue;

    CTelephony::TCallParamsV1 callParams;
    CTelephony::TCallParamsV1Pckg callParamsPckg(callParams);

    iTelephony->DialNewCall(iStatus, callParamsPckg, aPhoneNumber, iCallId, CTelephony::EVoiceLine);
    SetActive(); // Tell scheduler a request is active


    Once finish DiaNewCall() function in LG KS10, the return code of iStatus is -2147483647 which seems like something wrong with the os invokation. I have tried to run other applications in order to verify the same new call functionalities in LG KS10, the results are same(cannot make a new call in applications).

    However, the make new call functionality is work properly in other Nokia mobiles.

    Hence, have you met similar before, and do u have any idea on this?


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    Re: LG KS10 doesn't support CTelephony::DialNewCall() function

    Never tried on LG Symbian Phones but CTelephony::DialNewCall() works on Samsung even on UIQ so should some other problem.

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    Re: LG KS10 doesn't support CTelephony::DialNewCall() function

    you could maye try the other S60 dial APIs: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ncy_Caller.zip

    Just set the emergency to EFalse, and the example dials normal calls.

    Also you could try dialing with AT commands: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...T_Commands.zip

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