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Thread: Wrap text

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    Wrap text

    I tried to recreate the wrapping text effect like in akntextutils module (wrapping without cut words), but something goes wrong
    This is my code
    def text_wrap(text,lung):
    	text_array =[]
    	flag = lg = 0
    	while len(text) > lg:
    		    for k in range(0,lung):
    			   if text[k] == " ":
    				flag = lg + k
    			flag = len(text)
    		lines = text[lg:flag]
    		lg = flag
    	return text_array
    and then I call the function to have an array of my lines
    all = text_wrap(text_show, 32)
    for lines in all:
    	show.text((10, top), unicode(lines), font='title', fill = color)
    	top += 20
    but I have two problems:
    1. sometimes the new line starts with a white space. I even tried to add 1 to the first character of new line, but in this way sometimes I get a missing character.
    I know there is something missing, but I can't figure out what it is.
    2. how can I get the number of character that can fit in canvas? I put 32, but I think in larger screen I can have a lot of white space on the right.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wrap text

    First of all, you can't wrap on a fixed size of a row if you're not using a fixed-width font. Think about it, 32 "W" letters are much wider than 32 "i" letters.

    Therefore, you have to use the measure_text() method of PyS60 drawable objects to measure the width of text depending on the font you're using. Your wrapping function will have to be somewhat more complicated.

    And use the appuifw.app.layout(appuifw.EMainPane)[0] to get width and height of the canvas.

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    Re: Wrap text

    Previously, There was a post related to this !

    May be seaching the forum might do some good.

    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Wrap text

    I did. I only found this post but I couldn't get it work.
    Other posts were related to akntextutils that it's impossible to include in the .sis file, so I had to avoid to use it.
    BTW if I'm the only one having problems with the class in the first post, I'll check my code and try to make it works.

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    Re: Wrap text

    This class looks good to me. Check it and tell us what problems are you having exactly. We'll try to help.

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    Re: Wrap text

    It was something related to number of items.
    Now it works fine.
    Thanks for you support!

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