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Thread: Host Controller

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    Host Controller

    I understand that a Bluetooth hardware is needed for testing the Bluetooth applications developed using Nokia Series 60 SDK. But the document BTH_Application_Development_for_Series60_v1.0.pdf says the link between the Host and the Host Controller (Page 7 Figure 3) says the lower layer is the HCI !!! So can we connect any Host Controller that supports standard Bluetooth HCI to the PC ?

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    RE: Host Controller

    The figure illustrates use of Bluetooth API. In the actual implementation the HCI depends on the used interface.

    The emulator connects to the virtual COM port. USB is not supported. A PC Card is therefore a natural choice for hardware unit. Because the PCMCIA interface for HCI is not specified by the Bluetooth SIG, there are different vendor specific implementations for it. The emulator have been chosen to use Nokia's implementation, i.e. the Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4. Therefore other kinds of Bluetooth units cannot be used.

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