MMS Java Library 1.1 and utf-8 character encoding has been dealt with in several questions. I read all these. Unfortunately, I have to ask again:
I have modified originatingApp to send customized MMS-messages. This works OK. I am able to convert the MMS text part to utf-8 outside originatingApp and pass it to MMS Java Library via a textfile.
This is not enough, as MMS Java Library is only able to deal with USASCII. Extended characters are not passed through to the 7650 correctly.
What are the exact modifications needed to MMS Java Library 1.1 and originatingApp to make them use utf-8? What files need to be modified and how?

If MMS Java Library 1.1 just cannot handle utf-8, is this being dealt with in an update? When can we expect version 1.2?