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    Hi there
    I am pretty new to WML. I have done some simple pages for ericsson phones and found the 'accesskeys' a very handy feature. Now, if I run a simple WML page on the T68 where I am using accesskeys, and then try to display the same page on teh 6310, I am not getting any accesskeys shown in the screen at all! Even the examples from the Nokia SDK have accesskeys used, but they don't work as accesskeys on the phone, I just see the numbers! Can anyone help and maybe even post a simple example of how to use them in Nokias phones?

    thanks a million


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    RE: accesskeys


    Nokia 6310 phone supports accesskeys. Here is a short and simple example of using accesskey feature where you have a text 2. pageTwo visible on the screen and then you press key 2 to move to the page called pageTwo.wml.

    <a href="pageTwo.wml" accesskey="2"> 2. pageTwo </a>

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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