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    Symbian SDK on CD?????

    I am looking for the Symbian SDK on CD-ROM. I am in the Philippines and Nokia Philippines told me they don't have it on CD. The download (126MB) is a little bit big for dial-up.
    I would very much appreciate it if somebody who has the SDK could write in on a CD and send it to me (Cebu). The cost for this will be refunded immediately!

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    RE: Symbian SDK on CD?????


    Please go to the Forum Nokia main page and click on the Feedback link, where you can choose Developer feedback form for sending a request to us. Please select 'Symbian' and 'Symbian Tools & SDKs'.
    Please specify that SDK you need: the Series 60 or the Communicator Series 9200.

    Remember to give details of your delivery address and phone number as DHL requires.

    (V)- Forum Nokia Developer Support

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