Hi All!

Our application works in several resolutions and at several phones of S60 3rd.
If I start it at N95 or E90 in portrait mode, it fills out the full screen except soft keys area at the bottom of the screen.
But if I switch the phone in landscape mode and start the application - a top pane with text occures. So it looks like this:
on the top of screen is a pane with name of folder where the SW is installed (for example "Installations" at E90 or "Programs" at N95)
on the bottom of screen is another pane which has same size as top-pane. Between those panes is area of our application.
Both panes has softkeys.

Is it possible to change the text inside of top pane in landscape mode?

I've tried in the ApplNameAppUI:

StatusPane()->SwitchLayoutL( R_AVKON_STATUS_PANE_LAYOUT_USUAL );

, also with different input parameters like R_AVKON_STATUS_PANE_LAYOUT_EMPTY - but no any changes.

I've tried:

MEikAppUiFactory *appUiFactory = CEikonEnv::Static()->AppUiFactory();
if (appUiFactory)
    CAknTitlePane* titlePane;
    titlePane = static_cast<CAknTitlePane*>(appUiFactory->StatusPane()->ControlL( TUid::Uid(EEikStatusPaneUidTitle ) ) );
    if (titlePane)
        // here the code is executed, but I don't see any changes
        titlePane->SetTextL( _L("TestTitle1") );
and also can't see any pane- i.e. title- changing.
What kind of pane is it?
How can I control it?