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    USA Mobile operator Problem

    we are Working on a Application for USA Mobile Phones. our applicaton is running fine on non branded mobile phones now we want to test our application on USA mobile phone operator devices like AT&t,Sprint,T-Mobile for we are facing a lot of problem so much that we did not get in development they all operator restricted their devices API like jsr-135 and jsr-75 all that operator tell that first sign your application with our certificate only then you can test your application on our network.

    is there any common or operator wise way or proper suggestion so we can Test and Deploy our application on all Above Mobile operator handsets?


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    Re: USA Mobile operator Problem

    vijaypatidar: since you send me an email and i cant reply you since you wont accept mails from this site like the system told me.
    here is my reply to you in regards to your Sprint jsr135 security issues.


    Like I said on the forum you need to add the specific permission into your jad & manifest under the midlet-permission property.

    As you can see from this attachment Sprint has made the JSR135 MMAPI to be protected API meaning that for a signed app You must request permission to use this API otherwise you'll get a security exception.

    In page 16 you will see that you need these permission to be in your jad & manifest

    For JSR 135 MMAPI Media Player

    javax.microedition.media.Player javax.microedition.media.Manager

    For JSR 135 MMAPI Video Capture/snapshot


    Please read the entire document if you have any further questions.


    p.s cant load attachment its over 100k
    use this link
    its the pdf inside the zip

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