We are developing a collection of animated MMS messages, using GIF 89a, and would like to confirm the exact specifications for that format on Nokia MMS handsets. Thanks for answering the following questions:

1. Color Palette: Do Nokia MMS handsets support "Adaptive" color palettes, or do we need to stick to the standard color palette? Also, is it OK to use the universal 216-color "Web" palette instead of the larger 256 color Nokia palette, since the first 216 colors are the same in both palettes?

2. Frames Per Second: What is the lowest common denominator frame rate for Animated GIF on Nokia MMS handsets? If we develop all our animations for 2 frames per second, will most Nokia MMS handsets be able to play our animation at that speed? Do Nokia handsets support any frame delays specified by the author in an Animated GIF file? (eg: frame 1 delay = 3 seconds, frame 2 delay = 1 second, etc.). If Nokia supports frame delays, is the timing the same on the handset as it is on a PC? or should we speed up the frame rate on the PC, assuming the handset will play slower? Is there a recommended frame delay duration (e.g: 0.5 seconds in Adobe Image Ready).

3. Number of Frames: Does Nokia recommend a "safe" number of frames when using Animated GIF in MMS mesages? We are currently looking at 5 to 10 frames per animated message. Does that sound about right?

4. Decompressed Animation File Sizes: Do Nokia MMS handsets decompress all frames in an Animated GIF file prior to playing the animation - or do they decompress each frame one at a time, while the animation is playing? Do decompressed frames from GIF get stored in a different format (eg: BMP), or do they stay in RAM until the user closes the file? In any case, is there any memory limitation based on decompressed file sizes (instead of compressed file sizes). For example, after you decompress each frame of an animated GIF file that's compressed at 20k, you could end up with a decompressed size in memory that's much larger, like 80k (this is how Sony's T68i works). If so, what is the maximum size of the RAM image buffer which Nokia allocates to decompressed Animated GIF files in MMS?

5. Saving Animated GIF from MMS as Wallpapers or Screensavers: which Nokia MMS handsets allow users to save an animated GIF from MMS as as a wallpaper or screensaver? Are any Nokia MMS handsets able to display the full animation (not just the first frame), once an animated GIF has been selected as a wallpaper or screensaver?

Thanks in advance for your responses to those questions.


Fabrice Florin
Handtap Communications
Email: fab@handtap.com