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    Can't connect to my Nokia 6510 (but it did recognize the modem!!!)

    I installed the latest driver for my Nokia 6510 modem correctly and I installed the latest PC Suite. But when it double click my Nokia Connection Manager (system tray), it says the Connection Type is IrDA and there's no phone connected! (??) Infrared is active at the phone, and the infrared imagem is still (this should mean it connected). I tried to run PC Suite, but no connection too.

    CAN SOMEONE REALLY HELP ME????? I bought this phone wich was very expensive 'cause in Brazil you have to buy the phone (300 dollars!!!). I still had to buy an USB/IrDA adaptor for it, which is fully compatible with Windows 2000 (Leadership Computer Acecessories).


    Eduardo Yanez

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    RE: Can't connect to my Nokia 6510 (but it did recognize the modem!!!)

    Hi Eduardo,

    For end user questions or in questions related to Nokia PC Suites, it is recommended to contact Club Nokia. More information about Club Nokia is available at http://www.club.nokia.com.

    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    if you are using BAFO usb-IR then you may try the following

    This is the solution that I found from irda.org newsgroup and I have verified it. thanks to wouter.

    Re: More Nokia 7210 IrDA Issues - 3/10/2003 - wouter
    Message Text:

    go to control panel / wireless link / hardware / properties / advanced, and select Vishay 6101E, trunaround=1 Ms / speed enable=115200. It will work.

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