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    Displaying Chinese characters on 3rd Edition

    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to use a Chinese font in Symbian 3rd edition as I am seeing squares while using DrawText.

    If I use:
    CFbsFont* aFont;
    const CFont* font = ApacPlain12();
    TFontSpec MyFontSpec = font->FontSpecInTwips();

    The text is now seen as Chinese but everything comes out really big.

    How do I set variable/various sizes to the Chinese font, as I cannot change the height of MyFontSpec. I usually did:

    MyFontSpec = TFontSpec(aTTFontName,Twips);
    Where aTTFontName is something like "Nokia Sans S60" and I would set different Twips for different font sizes.

    Also, I thought about doing:

    MyFontSpec = TFontSpec(_L("ApacPlain12"),Twips);
    But the text came out as squares again, so maybe that is not the font name of the native Chinese font ...

    The Nokia Chinese display example is of no use, as I am able to show Chinese characters but I cannot resize them.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Displaying Chinese characters on 3rd Edition

    you could maybe check my Yt-Tasks, and its Fonts plug-in, it allow you to browse any font available in the device.

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    Re: Displaying Chinese characters on 3rd Edition

    Hi Yucca,
    An honor :)

    I found the solution and it is quite simple.

    The font Sans MT 936_S60 has Chinese characters and by getting "closest font available" I was able to show Chinese without any modifications.

    It took me hours to find that information on Google, so I hope this post will help in the future.

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