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    terminal connection lost when I try to use 8520 as modem

    I am trying to use my laptop with the 8250. I use win XP pro so I simply turned on the phones IR and placed it near my laptops IR receiver. The new hardware installation came up and I feel confident that windows XP installed a driver.

    I then went to my network connections and selected the Nokia 8XXX modem which was a new choice that came up after the driver was installed.

    So everything seemed to work o.k. so far. Then I told the network connection to dial out on the Nokia modem. The phone lite up and dials. A moment later the a message appears in the phones window saying "Terminal Connection Lost". And from here I'm stymied.

    Any suggestions about how I can solve this.


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    RE: terminal connection lost when I try to use 8520 as modem


    Thank you for your question!

    Please notice that this discussion board is meant for PC Connectivity SDK releted questions. For end user questions or in questions related to Nokia PC Suites, it is recommended to contact Club Nokia. More information about Club Nokia is available at http://www.club.nokia.com.

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