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    Cannot run console application on S60 3rd gen (nokia 6110 navigator)

    Hi all,

    I'm new in Symbian developement. As a first step, I have successfully imported and compiled example console application.

    I could install it on device, but unforutanetly, after successfull installation, my this application is _not_ shown among other installed applications.

    GUI applications are shown correctly. There is no problem with them at all.

    Can you help me with it? It is ever possible to run simple console (definitely not GUI) applications on S60 3rd gen devices?

    Thank you in advance,


    BTW: My current goal is to write an application which loads right after device boot and when device is fully started, this app is supposed to start and watch my own java app. I'm very close to the end of development, but I cannot write an app, which unseen starts and works like I described above.
    - I can already set application to start after device boot, i can find my java app, i can list running processes, but I still cannot find a way, how to pack all the functionality to a single not gui app...
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    Re: Cannot run console application on S60 3rd gen (nokia 6110 navigator)

    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia's Discussion Boards. Please note that there are dedicated forums where you can discuss your problems, Symbian C++, Java, Flash forums, etc.

    This forum is about feedback to the platform, the place where you communicate a conclusion of your experience but do not ask for help.

    I'm going to move a copy of your post to the General Symbian C++ forum.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Cannot run console application on S60 3rd gen (nokia 6110 navigator)

    Continue discussion in here

    Closing this thread

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