Hi everybody,
I'm facing taking a picture on Nokia 5310 XPress Music.

If I read the property "video.snapshot.encodings", I can see the image/png encoding is supported by this phone. If I try to take a snapshot using this encoding I get a MediaException with this message: "RecordControl Error".

The code where the snapshot is taken is:

m_videoControl.getSnapshot( "encoding=image/png" );

If I replace the previous one with this:

m_videoControl.getSnapshot( "encoding=image/jpg" );

everything works fine.

Why the image/png is listed if at the ned I get an error taking the snapshot?

Does anyone know if it is a specific bug of the phone?

The firmware of the phone is V05.81 06-02-08 RM-303 Variant: 00.00

Thanks in advance for your help.

Emanuele Pecorari
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