Just a question, maybe even a feature request for down the line...

With version 1.3 of the MWS I did some tweaking to the base files to do things like link locations to a Google Maps page, and the additon of a JS to do some other actions (oh yea, added my own CSS theme). Upon updating to 1.4 I, of course, lost all of these and if it were not for the PC that I was storing those files on, I would have lost those for good.

Is it possible to have then either:
- a script that would run during the MWS update that would backup the Data folder, and any custom styles, to a memory card that would be installable after the update via a installation prompt
- a setting that would backup the MWS Data and Themes folders to a MWS folder on a memory card; and then be able to import from that folder into the MWS installation without having to turn off the server to copy that info to the main memory

That way we can continue to develop on files, but not necessarly have to start from scratch everytime. I do know that some files are modified, and hence keeping them from older versions are not advisible, but after doing my own MWS theme and losing it, I kinda lost momentum in doing that style.