I've been working on a RTTTL to Hex converter for a while now. It has taken me forever to figure out things like how to count the instruction ID's and get it looping properly. Anyway....

I send the exact same SMS's to two different phones, both Nokia and they both play differently! Neither of them correctly. One phone is an 8260 the other a 3590. Any idea's? While I'm posting I might as well ask the following questions:

Is there a maximum number of patterns for the Song Sequence Length?
Can you only have 4 patterns?
Does the style allow for different lengths of ringtones?
Why after it goes through the loops once does it pause before restarting? (I'm not talking the natural pause)

As I've gone over my binary code a million times I'd like to know if anbody has accidently discovered how to make things work please post away. I'll try and answer any posts I can.