Sorry, I'm not a programmer in the strictest sense, but I do have an idea for something to develop on the MWS if someone wants to take a crack at it:

An addon for the MWS that takes the status update and posts it to the microblog of the user's choice (Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, etc.)

Reason being, manye folks still don't know about the MWS, but using the status update, it would be a neat way to merge the exisiting functionality into something that would be able to populate other services.

If someone wants to take this further, I'd love to see the presence page acquire the status update, and then there be a notification in the contact's app (colored button) that a person is has MWS installed, has it on/off, and shows the last status update/blog post (user preference, settings tab for addition options). Then when a person subscribes from their mobile device to your MWS page, they not only get that RSS update, but they can also see it in the contacts/calendar at a glance