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    Series 60 and SyncML

    I was reading the documentation on the new 3650, which says it uses Symbian 6.1 and has SyncML support, and that the SyncML engine is available from the Application engines. Checking the Symbian Series 60 6.1 SDK, however, there's nothing there. Could someone clarify what's going on -- are there any phones that support SyncML and have the API? Who's fibbing, Nokia or Symbian?


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    RE: Series 60 and SyncML


    Nokia Series60 OS-based phones such as N7650 and N3650 support SyncML over GSM (currently not over other bearers) providing remote email synchronizaion function . However, the Series60 SDK v0.9 and v1.0 do not provide SyncML API for 3rd party applications. I cannot mention if it is Nokias' or Symbian's decision, but we do have our intention to provide such an API in the future version of a Series60 SDK.

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    need a clearance..

    so if I want to use SyncML on V7, with PJAE..
    can I do it or not?
    is there anything I need to add?

    what are the steps I need to take to use SyncML with Java on Symbian?


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