Thanks to this forum, I manage to get my EAIF Emulator, Phone Simulator (Provided by nds) and the sample OriginatingApp to work together. My questions are:

1) Will I be able to do it the other way round? I mean send a MMS message from a phone simulator (e.g 7210 simulator) to EAIF? Is yes, basically how can I achieve this?

2) It is guaranteed that if this simulation (MMS message sending to EAIF and displaying the message in phone emulator) works, it means that it will/must work in real live connection to a real MMSC? Or do I need a little extra configuration in my coding? If it is the case, how can I do this?

3) If I uses all tools and the Java library provided by Nokia, and the answer to the above question is positive, can I use the same coding to connect to different MMSC (E.g. Nokia MMSC and Ericsson MMSC)? Or do I need some minor/major modification?

Thank you in advance. (Sorry if I'm asking silly questions)