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    Viewing Region-Specific Holidays

    How can i set up my 9210i to show all the national holidays relating to my region/country? I did this once before, but now cannot find the setting again. P.S. Nokia South Africa tells me this cannot be done, except for manually typing in all the relevant dates!

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    RE: Viewing Region-Specific Holidays


    As far as I know, there is no setting for this in the Nokia 9210i Communicator. If you are using MS Outlook on your PC, you can add national holidays to it ( Tools -> Options -> Calendar Options -> Add Holidays) and then syncronize the Outlook calendar with the Nokia 9210i Communicator. That way you will get holidays also to your communicators calendar.

    One possibility could be to try to find out if there is third-party application available which adds national holidays to the calendar.

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