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    Pre-poulating "Find place" dialog with address in Nokia Maps?

    This is probably a bit of a variant of the questions about the delayed Nokia Maps API, since it might not actually be consindered actual "use" of map data...

    All the examples so far seem to be centered around landmarks identified by ID and/or coordinates, but is it possible (probably via AIW) to open the "Find place/Address" dialog of the Nokia Maps application and populate it with a user supplied address?

    This would be useful in an application that wants to have a "Find on map" entry in the Options menu for a contact with an address, but no co-ordinates (i.e. not a full landmark), or for something address-like inside an SMS, such as a UK postcode.

    It seems that at least launching an LMX (Landmark Exchange XML) file with an address, but no co-ordinates, does not do offer this option (though it would make sense).

    Is this something that will be part of the Maps API?

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    Re: Pre-poulating "Find place" dialog with address in Nokia Maps?

    Hi Marcus,

    the API is designed to offer three services:
    - Map (with variants for show on map / select from map)
    - Navigation (as in NavigateTo(landmarkWithPositionPreset))
    - Geocoding (and reverse geocoding)

    However, the API does nothing else but look for a provider of the said services and if one found make a request to it. The Nokia Maps application is the only service provider and currently it does not offer the geocoding service (could be added later though).

    So the answer is no, even once the API is published you will not have access to the requested functionality.
    -- Lucian

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