Originally I made my SMS-sending application with SDK 3.0 for Nokia 6210 phone. The functions for example: GetSMSParametersSet, send (with SMS3ASuiteLIb.SMS_SuiteAdapter) worked fine with 6210 but not with 6310. I only receive automation error when using those functions.

One example from VB code that gives the error:
Dim puISMSSettings As SMS3ASuiteLib.ISMSSettings
Dim ParameterSetIndex As Long
Dim ParameterSetName As String
Dim ProtocolIdentifier As Byte
Dim DataCodingScheme As Byte
Dim ValidityPeriod As Byte
Dim SCAddress As String

ParameterSetIndex = 1

Call puISMSSettings.GetSMSParametersSet(ParameterSetIndex, ParameterSetName, ProtocolIdentifier, DataCodingScheme, ValidityPeriod, SCAddress)

I'm tryed this both with DLR-3P cable and IrDA. The operating system is Win 2000.