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    escape sequences

    Hello everybody!

    I want to send a sms via a java application directly to the com-port of my notebook (where a 6310 waits for AT-commands). Therefore I want to use the command CMGS. To indicate the end of my sms text I have to send <ctr-Z/ESC> to my nokia 6310. Does anyone know how to do this??

    Another question is: what exactly is the difference between AT+CMGS and AT+CMGC ??

    Thanks in advance

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    RE: escape sequences


    As I'm not a Java expert I don't know how you should form the ESC character, but as a hex it should be 0x1a or 26d decimal notation.

    +CMGC command sends a command message from a TE to the network (SMS-COMMAND). The entering of text (GSM 03.40 TP-Command-Data) is done similarly as specified in command Send Message +CMGS, but the format is fixed to be a sequence of two IRA character long hexadecimal numbers which terminal converts into 8-bit octets. Message reference value <mr> is returned to the TE on successful message delivery. Optionally (when +CSMS <service> value is 1 and network supports) <scts> is returned. Values can be used to identify message upon unsolicited delivery status report result code.

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