Now i was developing a program to capture a pic from
camera of N73 and sent the picture to the server.
in my program,if press the ok button .will take a pic .The codes as below:
case Def.KEY_CENTER:
try {
data = vc.
// getSnapshot(null)
} catch (MediaException ex) {

Then,my application will sent the data to the server. There had a problem ,when press the ok button . the mobile make a capture to the screen with a sound. the screen show the capture .It looks like the application have take a picture Ok.
After a
few seconds ,the mobile system give a message " could the application use the capture .. ?".If i select yes option. My program will sent the data to the server.
But the pic received in the server is different to the mobile make a capture.what the problem ? Did the camera capturing be delayed ?
My question is when did the application s data will be assigned.
thanks a lot . I am poor in english language.