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    N95 8GB - WPA2 / AES problem

    I am running a wireless network with Linksys 4400 Access points on WPA2-AES. The key is 64 characters but the N95 8GB will only allow 63 characters to be entered.

    Please advise.
    Thanks and regards, Andreas

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    Re: N95 8GB - WPA2 / AES problem

    What happens when you try adding the 64th character ?
    Which API are you using (if it is non public, then use PM, rather than writing it in here)

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    hitman67, I am not aware of a single Nokia device supporting hexadecimal WPA(2) keys (= 64 characters long) via the user-interface, yet. Not one. You have to change your access point to use a pass-phrase in ASCII (= 8-63 characters long). Furthermore, there are a lot, lot (!) of bugs in implementations with several special characters even in the ASCII range (32-127), so use them with care! I do not know if the lower level APIs for programmers like via configuration messages are more robust.

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