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Thread: Lack of sockets

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    Lack of sockets

    I wondered if anyone could explain to me WHY phones such as the 6310i don't support raw TCP sockets. I've seen posts saying that it can't comprehend the TCP stack, but surely we can program that ourselves? WAP goes through to the micro-browser or connection manager as a binary stream which is then translated - why not TCP? WAP even uses an IP address on the phone, so it must have something in common with the TCP/IP stack! GSM/GPRS obviously is capable of carrying the data, as some phones DO support sockets. I've looked into the cldc code and there seem to be areas where native code could be implemented, presumably to do the job of interpreting the stack. Any ideas at all would be really appreciated.

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    RE: Lack of sockets


    The simple reason for lack of sockets is that they are an optional feature in CLDC. Nokia has decided to implement only the mandatory parts of the spec. HttpConnection is the only implented network protocol.


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