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    how to add .dll in pkg?Help

    My application need to call some dll files,below is my pkg file,but when I port it to Mobile phone,the installation was successful ,but the application doesn't work in mobile phone,can anybody help me? Thank you!

    ;Files to install
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\MulticharHwr.exe" -"!:\sys\bin\MulticharHwr.exe"
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\PreSeg.dll" -"!:\sys\bin\PreSeg.dll"
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\Segment.dll" -"!:\sys\bin\Segment.dll"
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\WordRecoCore.dll" -"!:\sys\bin\WordRecoCore.dll"
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\data\z\private\10003a3f\import\apps\MulticharHwr_reg.RSC" -"!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\MulticharHwr_reg.RSC"
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    Re: how to add .dll in pkg?Help

    Ok, so you have added your DLLs to the pkg files and all looks to be correct. Then you successfully install the application.

    So, what's the "how to add .dll in pkg?" all about?

    If the phone does not work you will have to do some logging and debugging and see what happens with it and whether the issues has anything to do with a missing/bad dll or with something else (like platform security's DLL loading rules)
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