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    Question Yahoo Mobile Widget

    Hi. Friends.
    I usually do work in Symbian C++, Yesterday i saw Yahoo Mobile SDK (Widget Development), Then i tried some sample chunks.. But alas i failed. Have anyone any idea about that...???? I have some doubts...
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    Re: Yahoo Mobile Widget

    its bit like any browser application development, so some stuff work on other and some does not. For exmaple you should remove any MS IE specific code first and then try it out in smaller pieces to see what parts do work and which don't.

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    Lightbulb Re: Yahoo Mobile Widget

    Hello everybody!

    I´ve also tried Yahoo Go Mobile Widgets, and read all the FAQ, part of the forum and followed all the steps that Yahoo doc says. Well, having uploaded the web server part and having submitted Yahoo´s part for testing, I get a success message, but if y try it on the web simulator or the phone client I recieve always the same error message, something like: FATAL ERROR invalid blueprint content at the end of the document, line XXX

    Does anyone know how to solve this or why this happens?

    Thanks in advance...

    Fernando LT

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