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    Which media types do support setMediaTime??

    I have created a videoplayer (j2me) that plays 3gp-videos loaded via http.
    I'm trying to set the media time of the video to 0 when user clicks a button. But nothing happens.

    So does 3gp support the method Player.setMediaTime()? Which video formats do support this?

    Thanks, Angi

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    Unhappy Re: Which media types do support setMediaTime??

    Regards everyone,

    There is an issue found in s40 series 5th edition: When the player is in video mode then the setMediaTime(long time); function does not work, important for bookmark fast forward and rewind. I am playing 3gp files.

    The following link does not have details about the above problem, but it specifies other problems in various devices involving player operations.


    I am trying to find out more, but in the exception handle I have to alert the user about the ff/rew and bookmarking not being supported every time it occurs.

    Surprisingly the native player (Nokia OS) supports the ff/rew feature

    Description of the exception:

    at com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.mmedia.video.VideoOutImpl.setProperty(VideoOutImpl.java:203)
    at com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.mmedia.MediaOut.setMediaTime(MediaOut.java:327)
    at com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.mmedia.MediaPlayer.doSetMediaTime(MediaPlayer.java:237)
    at com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.mmedia.BasicPlayer.setMediaTime(BasicPlayer.java:658)
    at mid.mc.media.JPlayer.setMediaTime(JPlayer.java:881)
    at mid.mc.media.JPlayer.skip(JPlayer.java:863)
    at mid.mc.media.JPlayer.access$500(JPlayer.java:33)
    at mid.mc.media.JPlayer$3.run(JPlayer.java:753)


    Please throw some light on what is happening. When the sound is played then the ff/rew works fine.


    Abhinav Saxena
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    Re: Which media types do support setMediaTime??

    skip in Video, FramePositioningControl is given.

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